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What's Important

The consistently increasing spending in Minnesota’s public schools has not translated into improved student learning or academic achievement scores.  We need change.  Before we add any new programs, initiatives or curriculum we need to ask, “is this going to help our children learn?”  Our objective needs to be, to hold every student to high standards and expectations in academics and classroom conduct; offering a rich and rigorous curriculum, taught as engagingly as possible; and fostering a school culture and climate that celebrates student achievement.  Above all, it means holding firmly to the conviction that children do not fail. Rather adults fail children when schools do not deliver any or all of these ingredients.

Traditional teaching strategies emphasize the teacher-student dynamic, where the teacher is the expert and adheres strictly to the curriculum that is supported by standardized tests and where the student receives a foundation of knowledge in reading, writing, arithmetic, true history and civics.  The social and societal change narrative, doesn’t promote these basic knowledge fundamentals; it can actually distract from them.   Teaching foundational skills must be our focus, which is so important for students to graduate, to obtaining a career, entering post high school education and simply contributing as a positive influencer in society.

Vote Tom Heinen for ISD 911 Cambridge-Isanti School Board

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